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FOX News
Nov 4, 2009 3:00am EST
at that model. the question of what happened in the 23rd was people say they are sick of obama, what is going on with taxes and the deficit? so which model when you adopt if you were a candidate? -- which model when you adopt? -- would you adopt? brit: the crucial issue we are talking about in every state is economy. how much better is the economy likely to be in political terms? and the critical indicator there is always the unemployment rate. it is likely to remain quite high. this is likely to be the biggest issue in the 2010 election, and it will be very difficult for the democrats to overcome, as it is for any incumbent party or incumbent president at a time when the economy is bad or felt to be bad by the public. bret: a victory speech coming up, which really is the biggest story of the night, as we talked about, juan. you look about a state going red. and you have jon corzine, who spent tens of millions of his own money on the race, and you have a candidate in chris christie that some loathed as maybe not the best candidate, and here he is, winning this race -- that some thought was no
FOX News
Nov 8, 2009 12:00am EST
report for my wanting obama impeached. about the cat thing. i understand why. i have seen the videos of the poor people who have to come in in the hazmat suits to the houses filled with feces and i understand why they would come up with the law. on the utilityarian side of things, do you sunday stand how many people enjoy watching the animal channel to see these things? >> i'm did i addicted to the hoarding show. >> greg: he was describing apartments filled with feces and bill, it is like yours and you don't even have a cat. >> i don't own a cat yet. the weird thing, not my feces, greg. not my feces greg. the woman said she was going to move to a cat friendly community. but there is no such thing as a cat friendly community. there is cat tolerating communities and then there is communities without a rodent problem. >> greg: nobody is putting rules about dogs. if these people hate cats. >> i'm surprised andrew is not talking more about our personal privilege. the fact that the government is reaching into every aspect of our lives and now dictating our pets. and if we want feces in our
FOX News
Nov 1, 2009 12:00am EDT
the obama white house has a fat house vibe to it? final lirks the northwest airline pilots who flew 150 miles past the runway say they were distracted by laptops in the cockpit. we will look into whose laptops they were checking out. craig. >> my chromey is shining and i ride around town in my low rider bicycle. >> greg: i have never seen you do that but i'll take your word for it. i'm here with rachel. also from new york city, a halloween attractions love manor and killed her family. so hot, sawn news pour water on her to make steam. comedian brad morris out of chicago. funny year than a near sighted clown using the bones of a keebler elf as cookie cutters. and sitting next to me, jewel hutly. and you would kick him to death in front of his family and they wouldn't even interfere, our "new york times" correspondent. good to see you again, pinch. >> give my best to the chicago tribune. we used to date in the '70s. >> greg: he is now an anchor without boat. steve phillips extended leave got more exitt botanists more tendier in the form of walking papers and his production assistant not s
FOX News
Nov 16, 2009 12:00am EST
mean let's go back to the original chinese invitation to president obama to come to china. this is by the way his first visit to china either as president of the united states or as a private citizen. what the white house said is look if we are going to come to china, of course, we will come to beijing and have high level meetings there but we would also like to do an event in shanghai. it is undoubtedly the most western leaning of the cities in china. a go-go modern city. the commercial center of gravity throughout all of asia and the white house said we want to have something there a little less controlled and has a little less protocol and formality and have an event with some of the students in the overall shanghai region. the white house describes the students as the future leaders of china. the president wants to show them and the larger chinese community is that there can be give and take between the united states and china that is not so controlled. whether it is over human rights, economics, military strategy or a wide range of issues, global climate change would
FOX News
Nov 15, 2009 12:00am EST
it is good timing because there is -- he is now being considered as the new green job czar in the obama administration. >> greg: i think that would be delightful. >> yeah. >> he really speaks well. i love his speeches and you saw how the puppy reacted. >> bret: julia, we are told that dialogue is the primary way to stop things from happening. is that the case? >> no. >> for the czars, whoever did the oat having for the white house has been hired by the bloomberg administration -- didn't bloomberg say he didn't realize that the guy there was in the first place. >> greg: that is the funny thing. >> this is the mayor and police commissioner standing there. how does he not know this. >> this is what happens when you don't admit ignorance. he had no idea who he was and one of the reporters asked bloomberg about him and says does it bother you that this guy is this there and bloomberg says well, we should speak with everyone and then a couple minutes later somebody tells bloomberg what this guy did and no one could see him because he was down here and everyone was up this thy. instead of admi
FOX News
Nov 6, 2009 3:00am EST
to believe -- had feelings about president obama and his election. could you tell us about that? >> there was a comment he made a couple of times in the conference room and also one time outside the facility that he was hoping that president obama would pull troops out and things would settle them. when things were not going that way, he became more agitated, more frustrated with the conflicts over there. he was just -- he made his views well known. he felt strongly about the u.s. involvement in iraq and afghanistan. shepard: this was something investigated by the military. >> that is what we were told. i retired and i left there and did not hear any more about it. i could not tell you anything further than what they said. it was a he said, she said her team. greta: we caught up with one neighbor who lives near the suspect. >> have you been watching the news today? >> no, i didn't. >> did you talk to him? >> he was a nice person. he is not my friend. i saw him. [unintelligible] he was ok. >> did he have a lot of family that would come over sometimes? did you notice a lot of peop
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6